There’s quite a dilemma here! Either the Rothschilds control world finance or they don’t. If they control international finance since 1810, why didn’t they put a stop to the Nazi Party’s rise and the arms buildup prior to WW11, and the horrendous persecution of the Jews during the war? The answer is that they were the ones who financed all three operations. Let’s not forget that the Rothschilds control the three Gorgon sisters that can launch propaganda campaigns at will. Why should we be surprised if, in matters surrounding WWII, the media didn’t tell it like it was? The following is a synopsis of the Jewish question and why the City allowed so many atrocities to be committed against the Jews.

First, the three Gorgon sisters exaggerated the numbers when they said that six million Jews were exterminated during WWII while spreading horrendous pictures to support their claim. One of the reasons they did was because the Rothschilds wanted to create the State of Israel, and to do so, they had to shock the conscience of the Christian world that is anti-semite. So, at the end of the war, not only did they exploit the pictures that were taken of 42,000 Bergen-Belsen camp prisoners who had died of typhus and had been bulldozed into mass graves, and those of the many thousands of emaciated prisoners dying of starvation in the many liberated camps after the war, but they distorted the truth by alleging they were all Jews. What is not made clear is that Roms, homosexuals, misfits, intellectuals, politicians and prisoners of war made up a large portion of the camp populations. The Rothschilds wanted to transfix the whole human race with deeply-felt horror using appalling pictures in order to lay the groundwork for the creation of the State of Israel while guaranteeing that their name would never be associated with WWII, for how could anybody in his right mind think the Rothschilds had anything to do with WWII, a war that was meant to exterminate Jews?

However, what happened to the Jews in Europe during WWII had to be okayed by the Rothschilds, for it was the culmination of a very complex Jewish problem that had been created by the Rothschilds themselves. As early as 1892, the Russian Jews, who had been forever persecuted, were used as pawns when the Rothschilds decided to encourage them to go to Palestine with the intention of creating a homeland for all the Jews of the world, a state that would play the role of a much needed policeman in the oil-rich Middle East. They started financing Jewish immigration to what was to become Israel, in 1892. Up until 1939, there were five waves of immigration, population movements better known as Aliyahs. The last Aliyah occurred just before WWII when approximately 250,000 Jews left Germany and Central and Eastern Europe for Palestine. The Aliyahs were partially successful, and Tel-Aviv, founded in 1909, attests to that. However, Palestine was a very arid place and as disillusioned Jews wandered back into Europe, they spread the word that Palestine was not a very inviting land. It’s also a known fact that most of the Jews wanted to reach the West. They all wanted to go to America in spite of the fact that the U.S. had, by now, removed the welcome mat. One thing was for sure, Palestine was not a place where the East European Jews wanted to go and they would have to be forced into going if the Jewish homeland was to become a reality.

Since early Russian persecutions against Jews, many of the latter had ended up in Poland, a land of tolerant Catholics who had welcomed the poor lost souls. But prior to WWI, many Jews bent on going west to America, headed westward and landed in Germany where they were exploited and, in many cases, used as slave labor in the German factories that were gearing up for the war. After losing the war, an impoverished Germany wanted to rid itself of the same poor uneducated Polish Jews, for they were no longer needed and were an impediment to the economy. Unfortunately, by this time, not only did America and Germany not want them, but Poland, now run by fascist Catholics, was also refusing to take them back and had even started persecuting those that were in Poland. So, at the end of the day, millions of Jews who had been encouraged to go to Palestine by the Rothschilds were now stagnating in the worst of conditions in Central Europe.

Necessarily, the Jewish problem was front-and-center during the planning of WWII and it is no accident that the City chose to finance the Thule Society, a group of Nazis who believed in a superior Aryan race and who blamed the Jews for Germany’s woes. If the City wanted to force the Jews eastward, spirit them northward and later, out of Europe, it was better to finance those who would do a convincing job and who would never be associated with the Rothschild name. In a critical situation, it is better to deal with the devil you know than the one you don’t.

The Rothschilds had obviously accepted the fact that during the upcoming WWII, no matter what they did, the Jews would greatly suffer along with the Germans, the Russians, and the Poles, and they likely decided to make the best out of this calamitous enterprise by managing it as best they could. If, after the war, many of the Nazi “war criminals” were allowed to live in peace in such places as Brazil, Argentina, and Canada, it can only mean they had rendered great services to the City bankers during the war and were now being protected by their very powerful guardian angel.

All the alleged extermination camps were built in Eastern Europe, mainly in Poland. The City had started building this extravagant network of camps and railways before the fall of Warsaw in 1939. Was the fact that they were all built behind what was to become the Iron Curtain and would be inaccessible to Western scrutiny for the next forty years due to fate, or was it planned? Collective memory is very short and with the Russian scarecrow already in the works, the City no doubt knew that if its “final solution” propaganda was not physically challenged during the Cold War, it would remain unassailable for eternity. Whatever, there doesn’t seem to be much doubt that the plan was to have the German “war criminals” round up as many Jews as possible and send them eastward to the Polish camps before sending them northward to the labor camps in German occupied territories. After a sure-to-be-horrendous treatment, the poor wretches who survived would welcome the opportunity to go to Palestine and, with a world trembling with revulsion, Israel would become a reality.

The number of Polish Jews who were or were not killed in the conditions we were told is today a much-contested matter. There are two groups with opposing views: the revisionists and the proponents. The history of WWII tells us that six million Jews were exterminated by the Germans in what is called the Holocaust. That seems to be what the Rothschilds have always wanted the world to believe and the three Gorgon Sisters were very successful in doing just that. However, the forensic evidence emanating from revisionists and published since the end of the war, indicates that there was no systematic extermination of the Jews, and certainly nothing close to the six million that were officially declared massacred.

The proponents, on the other hand, contend there were mass graves in extermination camps such as Treblinka and Auschwitz, graves that allegedly contained the ashes of millions of cremated bodies. If so, such numbers would have produced hundreds of tons of ashes, along with bone and tooth debris, and the lot would be extremely easy to detect. Ground penetrating radars can easily show where mass graves are dug, even seventy years after the fact. Proving their existence would be a simple matter of going to the alleged areas, grabbing a shovel, taking a few samples, and analyzing their contents in the presence of an impartial team of observers. The matter could thus be laid to rest in the matter of hours and yet the proponents have never agreed to do this.

The revisionists, on the other hand, did conduct clandestine experiments where the alleged mass graves allegedly were and found nothing to support the proponents’ thesis. Furthermore, a respected scientist, Germar Rudolph, experimented with the alleged gas chambers in Poland and concluded that no such mass extermination methods were used. Fred Leuchter, an engineer who was in the business of building gas execution chambers in the U.S., clearly demonstrated that Zyclon-B gas, an insecticide that was allegedly used in the alleged extermination camps, had been tested in the U.S. as a possible lethal gas for executions as early as 1929, and that, based on his experience and that of his predecessors, it could have been used to disinfect clothing, but not to kill large numbers of people if used in conditions such as existed in the alleged WWII gas chambers.

It seems the number of Jewish victims was greatly exaggerated, that there were no mass exterminations, and that the strip-gas-incinerate horror stories were more of the strip-shower-delouse variety. To be sure, there were many executions and mobile gassing units were used, but nothing that would account for the death of millions. Before WWII, there were three million Jews in Poland. We know that thirty-five thousand died in the Warsaw Ghetto and that some three hundred thousand were sent on to Treblinka, but the proponents say that the whole three million were exterminated. It’s much more likely that most of the three million Polish Jews were forced northward and used in labor camps for the German arms industry. If the proponents keep proposing this preposterous figure as a starting number, they, of course, soon arrive at the six million number put forward by the three Gorgon sisters. However, based on good common sense, the total number of Jews who were murdered or gassed, and who died of starvation and disease, had to be much less. The proponents, in justifying the six million figures, likely ignore the fact that four point four million Jews left Europe between 1931 and 1945.

To be sure, the numbers used by the three Gorgon sisters after the war were very misleading. For instance, of the seventy thousand Jews deported from France during the war, only around seven thousand were full-fledged registered French citizens and of those, three thousand returned after the war. In Germany, it was even more blurred, for there was a large population of poor Polish Jews that were unregistered. Of the 140 thousand Jews deported to Poland, we can’t know how many were German citizens, but we do know that after the war, some fifteen thousand German Jews along with some 200 thousand East European Jews came back to settle in Allied-occupied Germany. In France, as in Germany, non-nationals were never part of the census and a lot of Jews had been running for their lives. It should be noted, as well, that a lot of those who were exterminated were the very rich. The local French or German nomenklatura no doubt knew a good thing when they saw one, and it is no accident if much of the wealth stolen from the rich French and German Jews ended up in Swiss banks while their owners were exterminated. It may all be a muddle, but could it be there were a lot more survivors than believed and that the horrific Jew round-up throughout Europe was a “resettlement solution” to the very complex problem created by the Rothschilds, who had failed in their attempt to send East European Jews to Palestine years before?

There is no proof that millions were exterminated and buried at Treblinka, Auschwitz, or other such sites during the war. This does not take away from the fact that German psychopaths caused the death of many Jews and the suffering of millions more. It just means that many of the victimized Jews were saved because they were transited through such camps as Treblinka and Auschwitz on their way to the labor camps in the Baltic States and Sweden, and after the war, were shipped to Palestine. Schindler’s List is much, much, longer than we think.

We mustn’t forget that, during WWII, the Eastern front was a deadly place to be, for it claimed twenty million Russians and eight million Germans. During that period, Germans imprisoned and executed Roms, homosexuals, misfits and reactionaries, and prisoners of all kinds, not just Jews. A great number of Jews died in unspeakable ways, but could the word extermination used to describe their fate be a bit too strong? Could the expression “final solution” have been misused in that it was intended to mean that the State of Israel would finally be created and that no Jew would ever again be persecuted?

Some may wonder why scientists who question the existence of mass graves or the use of gas chambers for mass extermination during WWII are accused of inciting hatred toward Jews. Why are people who want to know the truth convicted and even imprisoned? That is very odd behavior indeed on the part of democratic states. Could this be more proof that democracies around the world are totally controlled by the City? If the Jewish bankers find it necessary to prevent forensic research into these matters by jailing scientists, is it because their backs are against the wall? The City is made up of hard-nosed pragmatists and, when doing business, they don’t make mistakes like leaving physical evidence lying about or not leaving any when they say they did. Could it be that this time, in their efforts to create the State of Israel, they were a bit careless because they were being ruled by their emotions like the Church prelates of old? Could it be they depended too much on permanent collective amnesia?

No matter, when the State of Israel was created, the Rothschilds had reached one of their main objectives and it is almost certain that an anti-Semite world would not have been as easily won over if the pictures taken at the end of the war hadn’t been used so effectively, and if the six million figure hadn’t been etched in people’s brains. Repeating the word “genocide” and broadcasting that six million Jews had been exterminated, while showing emaciated bodies being bulldozed into huge trenches, definitely had more impact than simply acknowledging the horrific death of a great number of Jews. Why else are the six million figures so sacred? Surely, the appalling death of so many and the horrendous treatment endured by millions more is bad enough.

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