When we became intelligent some three million years ago, we became badly behaved monkeys because we were now able to consciously cover-up or vent our dastardly monkey penchants to varying greater degrees. Thereafter, there was ever increasing violence and abuse within the specie. Fortunately, in 325 CE, a group of good men decided to create a very effective religion, one meant to control man’s behavior by instilling the fear of God in him. That religion, Christianity, invaded the infrastructure of the Western Roman Empire like a hermit crab. Once established with its network of kings, it forced all the citizens of the empire to adopt the Nicene Creed. It ruled by diplomacy and fear of God, and when that didn’t work, it used threats of excommunication, wars, crusades, and inquisitions, very unrefined methods indeed. The official religion was not only intolerant and exclusive, but was opposed to the spread of knowledge because it was created on the assumption that poverty was godly, and that science was the work of the devil. Its finances were based on tithing, and deeding by those who wanted to buy their way into heaven after death. It was a haphazard but boundless source of revenue, and corruption set in. The Vatican ruled very inefficiently. Not surprisingly, along the way, it created two deadly enemies, the Jews and Huguenots (French Protestants). Those two enemies joined forces in London in 1600, but finding more tolerant political conditions in Amsterdam, they established their headquarters there in 1602. Under the guise of the East India Company, they ruled the oceans of the world for nearly a century. As soon as it became feasible, in 1688, they established their head office in the City in London where they created the first democracy.

In 1694, the East India Company created the Bank of England, a financial oligarchy that now ruled the oceans out of the City in London instead of Amsterdam. The bankers were determined to turn the world into one great market economy, an English one, of course. That short-sightedness was what allowed Mayer to create the Bank of North America in 1781, and his son to take over the Bank of England in 1810. Mayer’s far-sightedness gave us international finance, a system where different market economies, or democracies, freely trade with each other. Mayer’s dynasty had the added advantage of not only speaking with one voice, but by creating the world of credit, it created a world where the humblest of men were free to prosper.

When a democracy is created like the ones in England and later in America, a lot of R&D credit flows in, production of goods and services increases along with the standard of living. At first, the supply of credit is enough to keep things running smoothly, for people have jobs and dream of getting rich. As long as the people feel empowered, the controlling financial power doesn’t have to meddle with public opinion to any great extent.

Credit is the most sophisticated and cleanest method of control, and more importantly, it’s always in great demand. The credit machine could be compared to a water pumping system where the big water reservoir has been replaced by a hundred thousand tons of gold stockpiled somewhere like the City. From that reservoir, the gold is magically transformed into paper dollars before being sent on their way. The added magic in this operation is that no matter how many dollars are printed, the stockpile of gold never decreases, quite the opposite, it is meant to increase in size as more gold is mined and bought up. Today, the good as gold dollars, paper or electronic, flow to the central bank of each country as well as the multiple world organizations such as the United Nations, Unesco, World Bank etc. These are connected to smaller pipelines going down to industries and individuals in the form of loans, and to the man on the street in the form of a salary. On each pipeline there is a tap that controls the output, the tap being the interest rate. If the City wants a country or a multinational to shape up, it gets Standard and Poor’s or some other mysterious entity to let the Gorgon Sisters, Reuters, AP or AFP, tell the world that their credit is no good. Then the NYSE, the first domino in a long chain of dominoes, falls in the desired direction, thus starting a chain reaction. The dominoes are the ‘suits’, politicians, traders, professors and journalists, who are never told what to do or say, but know exactly what the one who pays their salary wants, and act accordingly. No matter how many dominoes there are in a given sequence, they all fall in the direction initiated by the original domino, and if one domino does not comply, it is simply replaced or bypassed, and the chain restarted. All people who receive a salary are manipulated, and that includes everybody right up to the President, but no one would ever admit to it, even if he were aware of it, for that would undermine his self-image.

Credit control works extremely well, but when drastic action like war is needed, the people must be made to believe that it’s necessary and to not question it. Credit control depends on democracy, and democracy depends on the empowerment of the people. People have to be made to believe they are the ones deciding or democracy can’t work. In the good old Holy Roman Empire days, the clergy used very crude ways to impose its will, as mentioned earlier, but Mayer’s dynasty in the City has always used more sophisticated controls such as free speech, job creation, and media feed in order to sway public opinion, although, in dire cases, it doesn’t hesitate to perpetrate a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11.

Since empowerment comes largely with the creation of jobs, when war is being planned, huge sums of credit are injected to fuel the arms industry, creating a lot of employment and making a lot of people happy in the process. Then comes the hard part, swaying public opinion. The media, ‘the voice of the people’, starts the free speech brainwashing process with the help of the Gorgon Sisters. Those who speak for the war are good patriots and good leaders while those who oppose the war and question the facts leading up to it are quickly branded conspirators. The Gorgon sisters freely let conspiracy theories flow into the media, while countering them by having a number of respected ‘suits’ defend the City’s point of view that has become that of their government. People eventually become blasé to conspiracy, to the point where every time they hear the word, they switch off. Honest citizens don’t listen to those nuts, they trust their elected leaders, no matter how nutty they are.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law, and Hollywood had started sending pictures depicting the greatness of democracy around the world. The dollar was becoming as good as gold, and thanks to Hollywood and the media, the image was becoming the message. On the one hand, Mayer’s dynasty controlled the dollar and many currencies tied to it, and therefore unofficially ruled the financial world, and on the other, the ‘land of the free’, or the ‘land of opportunity’, became everyone’s ideal on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. Every able bodied person wanted to come to America or be like Americans. Those two developments opened wide the door to globalization.

Today, Marshall McLuhan’s sayings such as ‘the image is the message’ and ‘the global village’ have become realities. Hollywood followed by TV, the internet, and the smartphone gave us an image oriented society and virtually empowered us. But as incomes grew, people had more leisure time on their hands, and that meant the Gorgon Sisters had to play an ever greater role in filling the vacuum. In the beginning, politics, religion, sports, and media feed, whether information or misinformation, were sufficient to keep everybody focused.

However, the citizen needed ever more direction, and that’s when the crop concept became entrenched. The old overpowering control, the one based on the fear of God and the threat of damnation, no longer sufficed. Since humans are genetically conditioned to live with fear, it is very easy to condition them to forever expect dread, as long as they are convinced that their leaders will save them if and when disaster strikes. In fact, it is a simple control, very much like a riding crop used to make horses do what they are meant to do. A horse would not be worth his salt if it didn’t do what its owner wanted it to do. First it is broken in, then the crop remains in order to remind the horse what’s expected of him. A good owner will never hit the horse with the crop, but will make sure the horse is aware of it. In a democracy, people may have the illusion of being free and empowered, but they react to credit and media just like the horse to the crop. Instilling fear into a population must go hand in hand with the assurance of being protected. People may complain, and that is useful in keeping their minds busy, but they must trust the crop holder, or it doesn’t work.

Fear comes with names like Hitler, Khomeini and Bin Laden, and words like anarchists, Marxists, communists, fascists, terrorists, ISIS, Al Qaeda and Dahesh, names and words that were and are repeated in the media thousands of times each day throughout the world. From atop his elevator shoes, the leader of North Korea threatens to blow up the whole world, and we tremble. And though the five permanent Security Council members, America, Russia, England, France and China have never fired a shot at each other, we fear Russia to this very day. The banking dynasty in the City created the Permanent Security Council and controls all the central banks of the world, yet we still fear being annihilated by an atomic bomb coming from Russia, and even North Korea, as ludicrous as that is. The Gorgon Sisters know how and when to brandish the crop, and by sending images of terrorist attacks, along with ridiculous military parades and the lighting of wet firecrackers out of North Korea, they make us tremble. As we watch people walking around with their phones, we could say that we are hardwired to the international news agencies.

Two great examples of the way the crop is used have to do with airport security checks and the climate change debate. Anybody who has a million dollars can hijack or bomb a plane anytime, anywhere in the world, and any professional killer can use a plastic card in his wallet, or the plastic food utensils on board, to kill or threaten to kill anybody at will. As for security checks per se, if people are asked to remove their belts, it is simply a symbolic way to have the middle class of the world, the flying population, drop their pants, for it serves absolutely no other purpose. The only valid control at the airport is the metal detector in order to stop the crazies who may be tempted to carry a knife or a gun. As for climate change, it is a reality, but not for the reasons the Gorgon Sisters give. The reality is that we’re on the warming leg of a glacial cycle, and the overproduction of CO2 is irrelevant. But, like with the horse, we put all our trust in the crop holder, and the more the crop is brandished, the more we walk the line.

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