When hominid became intelligent, his natural disposition towards envy, greed, and lust took on a new dimension. Natural selection being thrashed, he had more opportunities to satisfy his greed and to seek pleasure. Naturally, it didn’t take him long to figure out that the most easily available and mind-boggling pleasures were those relating to fornication. Up till then, the right to pass on genes had been reserved to the alpha who had to constantly fight the other males for that privilege. However, the alpha never paid much attention to the female unless she was in heat at which time he was made aware of her by the characteristic odor she exuded, and this opened the door to the lower order males.

Now, all lower order males were aspiring alphas. They had the wherewithal to outwit the traditional alpha in their effort to get a female and experience the intense pleasures of copulation. Since they were quick to realize that they didn’t have to wait for the entrancing odors given off by the female in heat in order to satisfy their urge, hominid became very focused on ‘diddling’ and it caused a lot of violence and cruelty within the group. He was ready to move heaven and earth in order to experience the wondrous sensations fornication procured him. He fought, cheated, lied, and was even disposed to maim and kill in order to satisfy the urges that the female triggered in him.

Unfortunately for the females, using his intelligence instead of his nose in order to find a partner meant the male was inclined to discriminate. Up till then, all the females had had the services of the best male available, the alpha, but now, the lower ranking males found ways to party as well, and that changed the order of things. Not only did the males start forcing themselves upon the females, but they became choosy. They figured out that if they wanted to increase their chances at having a healthy offspring, it was not only better to seek out a young female with generous hips but if a female had big breasts, a well-proportioned body, and harmonious facial features, she was more apt to be nurturing, healthy, and resourceful. The breaking of the time barrier was not a good thing for the female hominids.

Moreover, the gene pool was deteriorating at a rapid rate. When alphas had been the only ones to pass on their genes, the specie had remained hardy, but now that every Tom, Dick, and Harry were accessing the females, the quality of the breeding stock was dropping dramatically. The equivalent of handsome, young, big-breasted females and handsome, tall, muscular males was diminishing, while that of individuals with inadequacies and shortcomings was increasing. Moreover, since hominid was now intelligent, he wasn’t only conscious of where he stood on the social ladder, but he also knew if he’d been short-changed genetically. Naturally, he started compensating for his shortcomings. Lying, cheating, posturing, and bringing others down to his level as a way of making himself feel adequate was the order of the day. He found it harder and harder to admit to being wrong or ignorant, and he was even prepared to commit cruel and dastardly deeds to prove he was as good as anybody else. He became an unnatural and fragile animal, and it engendered a lot of ugliness in him.

Though denaturalized, hominid remained a truly ingenious monkey, and he knew that he couldn’t afford to alienate the group members. He was dependent on the group, and he knew it was in his best interest to have the others think highly of him. He was torn between his uncontrollable urge to satisfy his desires and his need to be liked. In spite of that, he was becoming hard to handle, and physical force alone could no longer keep him in line and maintain cohesion within the group. Many individuals were aware of the advantages that altruism and cooperation procured, but there were too many who didn’t.

As it became obvious that hominid’s disposition for greed and lust was making cohesion within the group impossible, the elders had to find ways to make everyday living bearable. Through stories and myths, they promoted the notion of omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient beings who could inflict the worse punishments on those who didn’t behave according to the wishes of the group. At night, hominid was constantly reminded of these threats as he sat around the communal fire listening to the tall tales. He saw the evil red eyes piercing through the thick surrounding blanket of darkness, and as he listened to the howls of monsters that prowled the night, he trembled. The precursor of the bad mean god who could condemn one to the consuming fires of hell for eternity was being created. It was the birth of religion.


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